Architecture of Sounds


ブラジルが世界に誇る創作楽器グループUAKTIにビルダーとして関わり、「21世紀のクルビ・ダ・エスキーナ」と称される音楽サークルでフォルクローレの側面を担い、ミナスジェライス地方の黒人文化に伝わる伝承歌を現代に蘇らせてきた奇才Leandro Césarの最新作。John CageのDreamを収録。

Leandro César
“Architecture of Sounds” is an album recorded with a small ensemble of self-made musical instruments, creating a dream-like space with elements of classical, contemporary, ambient, Afro-Brazil and Indian music.

“Architecture of Sounds” marks the return of Leandro César, a genius who brings to present time the Afro-Brazilian culture from Minas Gerais states. Involved as a builder of Brazil's world-class creative instrument group UAKTI, he is also part of the folklore music circle “21st Century Clube da Eschina”. Album includes John Cage’s “Dream“.

── To me, making an instrument also means creating a space.
Leandro César
    • SPIRAL RECORDS先行発売:2018.12.22
    • 一般発売:2018.12.26
  • 品番:SPIRA-1113
  • JAN:4988225100599
  • 形態:CD(くるみワンピースBOX+デジパック+楽器・楽譜カード)
  • 定価:¥2,870+税
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