Kazuma Fujimoto

藤本 一馬


Photo: Masatoshi Yamashiro

ミュージシャンの父の影響で幼少期より独学でギターを弾き始め、ジャズ、南米の音楽をはじめとする広汎なワールドミュージックに親しむ。1998年ヴォーカルのナガシマトモコとorange pekoeを結成。
国内はもとよりアジア各国や北米での CDリリース、ライブ公演など幅広い支持を獲得する。
初のソロ・アルバム«SUN DANCE»(2011) 以降、ソロ、デュオとして«Dialogues»«My Native Land»«Wavenir»の4作品をリリース。多様な音楽的造詣を、明敏な感覚により汲みとられた現代性とともに収斂させる陰影を含んだソングライティングは高い評価を獲得している。

In his childhood, Fujimoto started playing guitar autodidactically influenced by his father, who was also a musician, and became acquainted with diverse world music including jazz and of South America. Formed ‘orange pekoe’ with a vocalist, Tomoko Nagashima in 1998.
Gained widespread acclaim at home and abroad, especially in Asian countries and North America through CD releases and live performances. Released four works as solo or duo: “SUN DANCE” (2011) as his first solo album, “Dialogues”, “My Native Land” and “Wavenir” followed. His profound songwriting, which converges diverse musical knowledge with contemporaneity absorbed through his sharp senses, has established a reputation.

ギタリスト 作曲家