Photo: Masatoshi Yamashiro

また同時にブラックミュージックをはじめとする多岐にわたる音楽に親しみ、その語法を独学で習得。1997年に本格的にジャズピアニストとしての道を歩むことを決意。鈴木勲のバンドへの参加を機にジャズシーンに広くその名が知れわたり、一躍トップピアニストとしての地位を確立。2003年にはSOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONSに加入、メジャーデビューを果たす。Gilles Petersonに認められたことから活動が世界規模へと発展、2007年には同バンドから派生したピアノトリオJ.A.Mを結成、これまでに3枚のアルバムをリリースする。ソロとしての活動では日野皓正、菊地成孔らと共演し絶大なる支持と信頼を獲得。類い稀なるリズム、グルーヴへの感覚、幼年期より養われた広汎な音楽的造詣をもとにした清新なソングライティングや鮮烈なイメージを喚起するインプロヴィゼーション、クラシックを素地とする卓越したタッチは、José James, Jamie Cullumといったトップアーティストからも賞賛される。次代のジャズを担う最重要人物のひとりとして、世界的に注目される存在である。

Influenced by his mother, a vocalist, Josei began learning classical piano at the age of three. At the same time, his household was always full of various sounds, including African-American music, and he studied on his own to acquire its techniques. In 1997 he chose a career as a professional jazz pianist, and playing in Isao Suzuki’s ensemble, rapidly established a name as one of the most outstanding pianists on the jazz scene. In 2003 he made his major label debut as a member of Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, and earning recognition from British DJ and record label owner Gilles Peterson, became active overseas as well. In 2007, with two other members of Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, he formed the trio J.A.M., which has released three albums thus far. As a solo musician Josei has garnered immense acclaim and an unshakeable reputation playing alongside Japanese jazz legends like Terumasa Hino and Naruyoshi Kikuchi. His extraordinary sense of rhythm and groove, bold original songwriting and versatile, vividly evocative improvisation built on an extensive familiarity with various musical genres going back to early childhood, and impeccable, classically trained touch have earned plaudits from such prominent artists as José James, Jamie Cullum. Today, Josei is internationally recognized as one of the most crucial figures in the next wave of jazz.

ピアニスト 作曲家