Joana Queiroz



Itiberê Orquestra Famíliaの一員として約10年間活動、3枚のアルバムの録音に参加。Hermeto Pascoalのアルバム«Mundo Verde Esperança»の12曲の録音およびコンサートに参加するなど、キャリアを重ねる。主な活動には、管楽器によるグループ Inventos, Moacir Santosらの作品を再解釈する5人グループQuartabê, Rafael Martiniらが率いるClaras e Crocodilos, Joana Queitoz Quarteto, など。グアルーリョス器楽フェスティバルでは、最優秀演奏者として表彰され、作曲部門でも第3位を受賞。これまでにLiliana Herrero, Carlos Aguirre, Aca Seca Trio, Cecilia Pahl, Simon Gonzalezなどと共演。現在はリオデジャネイロ、ベロ・オリゾンチ、サンパウロの3都市を中心に、アルゼンチン、チリ、ポルトガル、スペイン、フランス、イタリア、アメリカなど世界規模に活動を拡げている。

Clarinet/Sax player

Queiroz has performed as a member of Itiberê Orquestra Família for ten years, participating recordings of three albums. Also joined recordings of the twelve tracks and the concerts of the album, «Mundo Verde Esperança» by Hermeto Pascoal. Her main projects include the wind instruments group, Inventos, Quartabê of five members reinterpreting Moacir Santos works, Claras e Crocodilos led by Rafael Martini, Joana Queitoz Quarteto and so on. Queiroz was honored as the best performer and awarded the third place in the composition section at Guarulhos Instrumental Festival. The artists that Queiroz performed together includes Liliana Herrero, Carlos Aguirre, Aca Seca Trio, Cecilia Pahl, Simon Gonzalez and so on. Currently mainly based in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, Queiroz has also been performing in other countries worldwide such as Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and the U.S.